Handmade Hand Forged Damascus Extensively Detailed Collectors 13.25" Bowie

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This knife is simply a work of art with a balance of second to none, The detailing is extensive and also second to none, the blade features a waterfall pattern that transitions into a Diamond Drop pattern. The inlaid bolsters are simply amazing. The blade itself has built-in functions, Two two-bottle openers, which also double as gut hooks, two twine or wire twist points with a heavy brass hand guard.  you not only have a significant knife, but a functional one but you also have a work of art. Blade measures 8.0" 5.25" bolster with a total overall length of 13.5" When it's gone it's gone. Like all Damascus steel, no two are ever alike, each is one of a kind. Procrastinate and you will miss out. We made 3 of these, when they are gone that's it. 

Handmade custom forged Real 1095N Carbon Steel Damascus Skinner Knife. The edge is rigid and has no flexibility or spring.  No two Damascus knives are the same, all have different layer designs.

Damascus is a mixture of 1095 and 15N20, with some nickel they are heated and then folded over and over to get the desired layers. The blade is burned in acid and it turns the layers into different colors. The layering process also results in a blade that is harder and more durable than a single type of steel. Tempered and hardened to a 58-60 HRC.

The Diamond Drop pattern in this Damascus steel is a stunning display of motion and energy, with the swirling lines creating a sense of movement and fluidity across the surface of the steel. The pattern is bold and striking, with each twist perfectly formed and polished to a high shine. The colors of the pattern range from deep blacks to bright silvers, creating a captivating contrast that catches the eye. The twist pattern adds depth and dimension to the steel, giving it a unique and dynamic look that is both modern and timeless

Reminder to keep your Damascus knife well-oiled after cleaning Carbon steel will rust if not maintained properly, but there is nothing sharper. When re-sharpening the angle is 20%