Hand Forged Hand Made Old-School Blacksmith Hatchet NOT Damascus #10-24

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Please view the photos carefully for the length of the hatchet. This old-school blacksmith-style tool is made of Chromium, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel molted together to form not only a hard durable tool but a raw masculine/caveman appearance that echoes the way things were made way back in history.  Raw steel bolster features the look of an old railroad tide spike twisted for a firm grip. I have to think even if you never use it, what a simply great display piece for the man cave. Hatchet measures close to 9.0" This is 1 or 1 and will not be made again for several years. 

When they are gone they are gone.  Free Shipping as always.   No two knives are ever the same, all have different handmade looks.

Reminder to keep your knife well-oiled after cleaning, carbon steel will rust if not maintained properly but there is nothing sharper or stronger in a knife blade. When re-sharpening the angle is 20%