Hand Forged Hand Made AUS-8 Steel Knife TS 6

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Handmade Hand Forged Aus-8 Steel Knife with 3.5" Gut Hook Blade, with a fingerhole for controlled cutting and great grip. 3.5" custom bolsters. Full tang, thick blade with no spring. The total overall length of 7.15", and comes with a leather sheath with a belt loop. An outstanding tool for the hunter, hiker, or fisherman.  When it's gone it's gone!


All our Knives are 100% Handmade. We do not use any CNC machining, water-jet or precut blanks to make our knives. Each Knife will be 100% unique and may have some handmade characteristics that make it stand out.

AUS-8 Stainless Steel is a high-chromium premium steel. AUS-8 has an excellent resistance to rusting. The elements that make up AUS-8 help the steel reach a high level of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, toughness, and superior edge retention.


When needed, use a Diamond Wet Stone or better to re-sharpen the blade at 20 degrees. When done using the item, wash it in soap and water, dry it completely, coat it in gun oil, and store it away from the Leather Sheath. Leather pulls moisture out of the air and can rust the blade if stored improperly.

Remember to keep your knife well-oiled after cleaning. Carbon steel will rust however, there is nothing stronger or sharper in a blade. When re-sharpening use a 20-degree angle.