Gorilla Fist Self Defense Keychain 9" long 2 colors

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We like to call this the Gorilla Fist measuring 9" long this paracord keychain features a 1 1/16th solid steel ball bearing on the end weighing nearly 2 ounces wrapped in paracord. When swung it hits like a Gorilla would and will instantly render the attacker helpless, it can also be used as a survival tool when unwrapped you would have a very workable nearly 20-foot paracord with a 250lb working weight limit. The Gorilla First can be a lifesaving instrument, appearing as an innocuous keychain charm but doubling as an efficient means of self-defense in emergency scenarios. 

Unfortunately, in today's society, occurrences like office violence, unexpected outbursts at stores, and carjacking/kidnappings are sadly common. Consequently, it is essential to be prepared and equipped to protect one's own life, as criminals and attackers are often emboldened due to bystanders resorting to simply videotaping the incident for their web followers 99% of the time instead of aiding the victim. When you make a purchase with us, you're directly supporting a small, family-owned American business. And it is much Appreciated!